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BYZANTINE CHURCHES                        CHAP.
window. The latter doors and their windows have been walled up.
The exterior is in two stories3 corresponding to the ground floor and the galleries. It has two ranges of eight large semicircular-headed windows in the northern and southern walls5 some of them modified, others built up3 since the building became a mosque. The five windows in the gable of the western wall are, like the wall itself, Turkish. Pilasters are placed at the angles and at the apse.
On the south side of the church is a cistern, the roof or which rests on twenty-three columns crowned by beautiful Corinthian capitals.
The full text of the description given of the church of S. John., mentioned by Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijos reads as follows:
] la primera parte (puerta ?) de la Iglesia es muy alta  de obra rica, 6 delante desta puerta esti un grand corral 7 luego al cuerpo de la Iglesia, i el qual cuerpo es una quadra redonda sin esquinas muy alta, i es cerrada al derredor de tres grandes naves5 que son cubiertas da un cielo ellas y la quadra. ] ha en ella siete altares3 i el cielo desta quadra & naves 6 las pared^s es de obra de musayca muy rica-mente labrada, i en ello muchas historias, e* la quadra estd armada sobre veinte  quatro mar moles de jaspe verde, i las dichas naves son sobradadasa i los sobrados dellas salen al cuerpo de la Iglesia, e" alii avia otros veinte 6 quatro rnarmoles de jaspe verde, 6 il cielo de la quadra e* las paredes e de obra musayca5 i los andamios de las naves salen sobre el cuerpo de la Iglesia, i alii do avia de aver verjas avia marmoles pequenos de jaspe.1
With the kind help or Professor Cossio of Madrid^ the Spanish text may be roughly translated as follows :
And the first part (door ?) of the church is very lofty and richly worked. And before this door is a large court beside the body of the church j and the said body is a round hall without corners (or angles), very lofty, and enclosed round about by three large naves, which are covered, they and the hall, by one roof. And it (the church) has in it seven altars ; and the roof of the hall and naves and the walls are or mosaic work very richly wrought5 in which are (depicted) many histories. And the (roof of the) hall is placed on
1 Vila del Gran Tamorlany itinerario, pp. 55-56 (Madrid, 1782).